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Privacy policy and confidentiality

Privacy policy and confidentiality of information

Suhaila Creation welcomes you through its Website, and thanks you for your trust in the Website, and
informs you that because of Suhaila Creation’s concern and full awareness that the user has certain
rights through the “Suhaila Creation” Website, it seeks to preserve the information of users according to
the mechanism of the privacy policy and confidentiality of information in force in Suhaila Creation.
Accordingly, Suhaila Creation notes that according to the usage agreement concluded between you as
users and Suhaila Creation, this document informs you of the privacy policy and confidentiality of
information in force in Suhaila Creation, and that according to Provision Four of Article Fifteen of the
Usage Agreement, Suhaila Creation has created these rules. The confidentiality of the information "to
clarify and define the mechanism of confidentiality and privacy in force in the Website " Suhaila Creation
", and inform you of it as you log into Suhaila Creation and establish your account, all your information is
subject to this policy.

Information that Suhaila Creation obtains and maintains in its electronic systems:

1. The user’s personal information, such as name, age, e-mail, national identity number or
residency number.

2. The users personal login information, such as: user name, password, e-mail, and the question
for retrieving the password and answering it.

3. In the event that the user does not provide the information requested from him, Suhaila
Creation may attempt to obtain it through other sources.


Sharing user information:

1. Of course, Suhaila Creation seeks to keep this information in a way that preserves the privacy of
the user as per the policies followed in the server domain host of Suhaila Creation, and Suhaila
Creation does not keep this information except for the purpose of improving its quality.

2. As a general rule, all this information is only seen by some of those in charge of Suhaila Creation,
after they have obtained a permit to view it by the management of Suhaila Creation- the permit
is usually specific and restricted and is subject to legal and administrative control by Suhaila
Creation- and it will not be published or broadcast This information is for others.

3. As Suhaila Creation seeks to preserve the safety of users and preserve their rights, it - in the
event that Suhaila Creation notices any irregular or illegal activity carried out by the user - the
administration of Suhaila Creation in website of the articles of the terms and provisions of the
usage agreement and as it seeks as much as possible to preserve Safety of users, as it may share
any of this information with the competent authorities to take necessary action against the
offending user in order to protect Suhaila Creation and the rest of the users from any legal
liability that may occur to Suhaila Creation or to one of its users as a result of this illegal or illegal

How secure is the confidentiality of users ’information:

1. Suhaila Creation strives to maintain the confidentiality of Suhaila Creations users' information,
and as the privacy policy for users will not violate the provisions of the usage agreement or the
privacy policy and confidentiality of information. However, given that this cannot be guaranteed
100% in the (Internet space), the Suhaila Creation team states the following:

 Suhaila Creation seeks to preserve all users' information and not to be viewed by
anyone in breach of the policy in force in Suhaila Creation.

 SuhailaCreation works to protect users information according to high-quality electronic
and technical protection systems as per the policies and procedures followed in the
server domain host of SuhailaCreation that are updated continuously and periodically.

 However, since the Internet cannot be 100% guaranteed due to the breach or viruses
that may arise on the electronic protection systems and on the firewalls in force in
Suhaila Creation, it advises users to keep their information completely confidential, and
not to divulge any information the user deems important. It is very important to him,
and this is in the interest of Suhaila Creation management to protect, guide and guide

Strategic and logistical services (third-party services):

1. The user acknowledges with his full knowledge and denial of ignorance that if he submits a
request to subscribe to a service provided by a third party, he grants full and complete
authorization and permission to SuhailaCreation to provide the service provider with the user
data shared with the service provider, such as: Username - Personal phone - Email - ID or
residency number, and other information needed by the service provider (the third party). This
is so that the service provider (the third party) can provide the required service that the user has
subscribed to.

Rules and provisions for using Suhaila Creation:

1. All the obligations of Suhaila Creation, all of the user’s obligations, and all the rights contained in
the relationship between the user and Suhaila Creation, are here. The link is placed here, as
these rules are a “privacy policy and confidentiality of information” and emanating from the
agreement concluded between the user and Suhaila Creation upon Establishing his account, the
privacy policy and confidentiality of information have been developed to ensure the credibility
and trust that Suhaila Creation management is keen to provide to users.