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Terms of purchase, exchange and return policy

Article 1 - Terms of sale and purchase and payment policies for Suhaila Creation products:

  1. During the completion of the purchase process, the customer provides the following information to Suhaila Creation, including but not limited to: name - email - phone - a copy of the order and the required details in case the product is based on the customer’s request.
  2. In the event that the customer requests the implementation of a special design or logo, the customer is obligated to provide Suhaila Creation with proof of his ownership of this logo, his license to use it, or proof of his entitlement to use the logo.
  3. The duration of the implementation of customers ’requests depend on the quality of the product and the materials used in it, Determining the period is subject to Suhaila Creation’s estimation based on what it deems appropriate, and the calculation of the period begins when the design and final specifications are approved by the customer.
  4. Beginning of the work and the implementation of customers ’requests is upon approval of the request in addition to 50% of the order’s value to be paid in advance, the first payment is non-refundable, and the remaining 50% of the order’s value is due upon receipt.
  5. The value of delivery and shipping is added to the final price of the products, and the value of delivery and shipping is calculated based on the location of the delivery and the size of the shipment.


Article Two - The policy of replacement and retrieval of the products of Suhaila Creation:

  1. The customer has to inspect his purchases before receiving to ensure that they are sound and in conformity with what has been purchased and what has been requested. Receiving the product is considered as acceptance of the product as it is.
  2. It is not possible to replace or refund any product that has been made as per the request of the customer unless there was an error by SuhailaCreation.
  3. Suhaila Creation is keen to provide high quality products and materials and due to the nature of the products and the sensitivity of the materials used, Suhaila Creation is not responsible for any misuse of products or materials by the customer, and it is not possible to exchange or return any product that has been damaged due to customer misuse, poor storage or Poor care to products or materials from the customer.


Article Three - Confidentiality of Information:

  1. Suhaila Creation informs you that the World Wide Web (the Internet space) is not a secure mean, and the confidentiality of personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed in the Internet.
  2. Suhaila Creation takes high-quality standards and based on the mechanisms followed in the website hosting the Suhaila Creation website to protect customers and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing and storing personal information of customers.
  3. Suhaila Creation has no control over the actions of any third party, or others, such as other Internet pages linked through external links to the site or third parties claiming to represent you and others.
  4. Suhaila Creation Technology systems may retain customers data in order to facilitate their access to the site and their completion of the purchases they want.