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Yaser & Mayasa

It all started with Mr. Mahdi Albeer back in 1920 in Baghdad, Iraq. He specialized in traditional “Abaya” black items only. In 1950 he passed his knowledge and the leadership of the organization to Mr. Yousif . He was the first to import embroidered Indian items into the country back then. In 1978 Mr. Mohammed, also known as Mr. Yousif Albeer took the leadership of the organization and introduced the high-end haute couture line to the Iraqi market.

Mr. Yousif went on for the next 40 years to expand the organization to span to four different countries and over 10 branches.

Currently Yaser & Mayasa is considered a trend setter in the region and a main supplier for many established and well-known brands in the local market, Middle-East region and worldwide. With that being said, the organization aims at all times to deliver the best quality and service to all clients and ensure their satisfaction.